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    Changelogs 19th April 2024

    Dear Chillout Silkroad Community,


    • Increased Monsters around Samarkand (Hun Shooter, Hun Archer, Hun Assault Lancer, Hun Defense Lancer)
    • Decreased Monsters around Samarkand (Ong, Blood Ong, Kokoru, Periton, Sungsung, Sosungsung, Rock Golem, Stone Golem)
    • Reduced the drop chance for Chillout Gift Scroll by Princess Miyene
    • Added / increased the EXP of all Fortress War Uniques (Battle Golem, Taishan Monster, Black Cloud, Ganiazo Dow, Hang-A, Senior General, Cyclops, Rage Cloud, Tai-Sui, Manho)
    • Fixed the Bug with the model switched (D8, D9, D10) EU Weapons and Shield (Onehand Sword, Harp, Dark Staff and Shield)
    • Renamed the Event and PVP Area

      Your Silkroad Chillout Team





    Hello and welcome to Silkroad Chillout - we're so glad to have you here!


    If you are completely new, feel free to check out this page to help you get started!

    Right now, we have doubled the rates so it's easier for you to level up... but that won't last forever!

    If you'd like to support us, please consider voting for our Silkroad server. You can do so if you log-in and scroll down to "Vote4Coins" in your Account panel. 

    We're so excited to have you and will do our best to keep you guys entertained!

    Thank you!


    Your Silkroad Chillout team



    Server Stats

    PlayerOnline 83 / 3000

    Server Info

    • Cap Level 130
    • Item Degree Degree 1-14
    • Exp-/Skillpoint Rate x90
    • PartyExp Rate x100
    • Drop Rate x30
    • GoldDrop Rate x30
    • Masteries CH/EU 390/260
    • Auto Equipment D1-D10
    • IP-Limit 16
    • Hardware Limit 8

    Server time

    • Servertime: 16:54:22
    • Fortress:
    • FW Register: Every Day
    • CTF:
    • Specialty Goods:
    • Battle Arena:
    • Qin Shi Tomb Event:
    • Gate of Ruler:
    • Job Temple Uniques:
    • Titan Uniques:


    Last 10 Unique Kills

    • HongOanh has killed Tiger Girl 1 day 01:09:08 ago

    • Maxonline has killed Captian Ivy 1 day 01:34:27 ago

    • sharpArrow has killed Uruchi 1 day 01:39:08 ago

    • Maxonline has killed Isyutaru 1 day 01:42:26 ago

    • Maxonline has killed Lord Yarkan 1 day 01:51:29 ago

    • sharpArrow has killed Cerberus 1 day 02:01:27 ago

    • Maxonline has killed Demon Shaitan 1 day 02:02:10 ago

    • sharpArrow has killed Tiger Girl 1 day 02:16:05 ago

    • Amon has killed Isyutaru 1 day 03:26:15 ago

    • Maxonline has killed Cerberus 1 day 04:02:46 ago