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    Events, Events, and more Events!

    As passionate MMORPG players and Silkroad veterans, we know how much ingame events are appreciated! In the mood for some extra coins, silks or special items? Take part in one our many automatic and custom events!

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    Every adventurer should be well prepared for their journey. Check out our guide section to learn more about Silkroad Chillout and its unique, free-to-play oriented design!

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    Our goal is to make Silkroad Chillout the best version of itself. To do so, we need you to follow some general rules and principles. Click on the button below to learn more about the rules we strongly uphold in our community.

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    Detailed gameplay gudie

    Welcome to Chillout Silkroad! After 4 years being up and online, we've reopened our gates with new gameplay and major design changes - all while staying true to the idea behind Silkroad Chillout!


    General info:

    Cap level:        Level 130
    Item Degree:  Degree 1-14
    EXP/SP Rate:  x65
    PartyEXP:        x70
    Drop Rate:       x30
    Gold Drop:       x30
    Masteries:       CH 390; EU 260
    AutoEQ:           D1-D10

    Progression in Silkroad Chillout


    The first goal of most servers would be reaching the max level first then start building your Character's items. Here in Chillout it is the same! Except we have additional content for you to discover! And some neat starter items for you to get you started!

    If you want to push yourself a bit faster, look out for the Power Levelling Event that takes place regularly in our PVP/Power Levelling Area! You will get notified when the event takes place. There, you'll find Princess Miyene that gives a bunch of experience!



    Lv. 95-120

    Feel free to level wherever you see fit -  Mirror Dimension could be a plan! You can obtain D11 CH in Jangan, D12 CH in Donwhang and D11 & D12 EU in Constantinople for a bit of gold.


    Lv. 120-130

    Of course every player has their own style and ways to farm and creating the strongest build, a general approach in Chillroad is after 120 making some gold with jobs and buying FB 13d +8 Chillout items, then farm your way into Lv. 130 (Perharps getting some 14d nova and moon drops from Lv. 130 monsters around Samarkand in the process?)


    Lv. 130

    The max level always feels like a new beginning... So we've reached the max level - now what? We hear you, and in Silkroad Chillout we wanted to provide our players options to get their so desired best equipment and accessories, and maybe some good looks?

    We have a few types of currencies serving different purposes, 5 types of coins (Iron, Copper, Silver, Gold, Chill). Said coins drop almost anywhere in Chillroad: Uniques and Mobs are great source of coins and trading is always profitable if you can and want to fight thieves!

    Silk are mostly for cosmetics and comfort. And as for gold, well gold is gold, you can use it almost everywhere!

    This feels a bit vague no? Well yes! Discovery is part of the journey, and having only one linear path is no fun. We recommend checking our main city Samarkand for Chillout NPCs and teleporters! Don't forget to check out the Holy Water Temple or the Forgotten World, they might hold great rewards...


    Jobbing guide

    • After reaching Lv. 130, 2 special transports can be obtained from daily quests: Dark Lizard and Behemoth. The Behemoth is slower than the Lizard but has more slots
    • If your trade is valuable enough, you'll get rewarded with coins as a reward upon re-logging! (Traders, Hunters & Thieves!). Apart from coins, Thieves will also receive a Behemoth!
    • After each trade sold, player must relog to get the coin into his inventory
    • Short trade routes have a possibility of not giving coins (A 5 star Lizard trade from DW -> HT may not be enough!); try longer routes or bigger transports!
    • Check out the speciality traders when they sell their goods!


    D14 gearing guide

    • D14 Seal of Nova & Moon items can be obtained from Lv. 130 monsters around Samarkand
    • D14 Legend Chillout items can be obtained from our D14 NPC using coins
    • D14 Legend Chillout equipment & accessories can also be obtained by completing the Holy Water Temple (higher difficulty = higher chance)
    • D14 Legend Chillout equipment & accessories can also be obtained by completing the Job Temple Event
    • D14 Legend Chillout accessories can also be obtained at Jupiter Temple located inside the Mirror Dimension
    • D14 Legend Chillout weapons can also be obtained through the completion of the Forgotten World Collection books! (Wreck A: all D14 Legend Chillout Weapons & Shield; Wreck B: only D14 Legend Chillout Weapons; Flame Mountain: only D14 Legend Chillout Shields - all of this is race based!)
    • D14 Legend Chillout can be upgraded to Fight, Immortal and Myth variants. This can be done using Upgrade Scrolls from our NPC


    Coin Guide

    • All Uniques except for Jupiter Temple Uniques drop different kinds of coins. You can gather all coin currencies from Standard Uniques, Titan Uniques, Chillout Uniques, FGW Uniques, FW Uniques, Job Temple Uniques, Special Uniques, Hell Prison Uniques, ... Usually: the bigger/rarer the monster, the higher the reward
    • Daily quests reward you with all kinds of coins (available at Samarkand!)
    • After valuable trades, traders, hunters and thieves get 100 Iron and 100 Chill coins
    • Lv. 130 monsters can drop gold coins


    Silk Guide

    • Silk can be traded in game using silk scrolls
    • Automatic events give 10 silk
    • Voting gives 10 silk for each vote daily
    • Gift boxes from events have chance of rewarding 100 silk
    • Daily quests can give 340 silk in sum
    • Donations (optional!)


    Alchemy Guide

    • Min plus is +10 -Max plus is +24 w/o Adv (+30 with Adv)
    • Adv+5 can drop from Jupiter Uniques and Special Uniques (Thief Boss Kalia, Khulood, Kidemonas, Giant Overlord, Mad General)
    • Adv+6 can only drop from Roc Event or Medusa Event (go check out the Gate of Ruler questline!)
    • Adv+6 can be also be bought from NPC for silk
    • There are 3 types of Elixirs found in game (Normal, Holy Bible, Crystal); Jupiter Temple & FW Uniques have a chance to drop Holy Bible Elixirs while Job Temple Uniques and Special Uniques have a chance to drop Crystal Elixirs
    • D14 Immortal can be obtained by Titan Uniques, FW Uniques, Roc Event & Medusa Event
    • 5% Lucky Scrolls can be obtained from daily quests, Special Uniques & Magic Pop

    Magic Pop

    • Magic Pop has some quite nice items you can check out!
    • Magic Pop Cards can drop from Titan Uniques, CTF, Battle Arena, Roc Event, Death Bone, Mini Death Bone, Medusa Event
    • HWT/FGW reset scrolls are also available here


    Progression system

    • D11 CH Legend Chillout +8 full blue can be bought in Jangan
    • D12 CH Legend Chillout +8 full blue can be bought in Donwhang
    • D11 & D12 EU Legend Chillout +8 full blue can be bought in Constantinople
    • D13 Legend Chillout +8 full blue can be bought in Samarkand
    • Lv. 130 mobs can drop D14 Seal of Nova and Seal of Moon items
    • Chillout NPCs sell D14 Legend Chillout items for coins (but there are also other ways of obtaining them, see above)
    • Legend Chillout items can be upgraded to Legend Chillout "Fight", "Immortal" & "Myth", including a new glowing effect for weapons
    • Mastery skills can be opened with coins We hope this helps clear things up. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to reach out to us!


    Thank you!

    Your Silkroad Chillout Team

    Want to learn more? See down below!


    We use an automatic equipment system that provides you with the necessary armor and weapons to make sure exploring the silk road is safe! Whenever you hit a certain level, all you need is to teleport to receive your new set of gear! Here is an example for D1, D2 and D5: 



    Please note that our automatic equipment system is designed for straight leveling. If you powerlevel a character and skip a degree, autoequip might not completely work for you!

    Starting Items

    We want you to have everything you need for a great and easy start into your journey. This is why every newly created character receives movement speed scrolls, a 3-day grab pet, a full stack of HP and MP potions, return scrolls, a full avatar set, 3 inventory pages and so much more to ensure a flawless beginning of your adventures!

    Special Coin System

    Our special coin system is what makes Silkroad Chillout chill. Are you tired of the same P2W concepts and designs of other private servers? Then we got you! With your coin system and its design, we ensure that playing actively on our server is being rewarded! Most of our special items are purchaseable with Iron, Copper, Silver, Gold and Chill Coins and there's plenty of ways of how to get them! Looking for a new avatar dress, pets, or the best in slot gear? All of those items are obtainable through our coins! Keep on reading to learn how to get those shiny coins!

    Special Uniques

    Looking for a challenge? If you enjoy the thrill of the hunt? Enjoy seeing your name appear in the server notice so everyone knows you're one of the best? We got your back! We've included tons of uniques to make sure to keep you busy throughout the day. From standard Uniques to customised Chillout Uniques, our Chillout Geenie or even Thief Boss Kalia and her kind, we've adjusted every major unique monster to ensure hunting them down gets you rewarded accordingly! You can obtain all kinds of coins from most of our Uniques as well as some special items or even equipment from the most difficult uniques!

    Special NPCs

    Our custom special NPCs will take care of all of your needs. Pets, avatars, special scrolls and items - they make sure they have what you need. Go visit them in Samarkand, our current endgame player hub, and check out what they in stock for you!

    Special Items

    What would a private server be without any special items? Good question! That's why we made sure to cover most, if not all, of your needs by including new scrolls and special items for endless possibilities! This is just a glimpse into what Silkroad Chillout holds ready for you!

    Automatic Events

    We have a bunch of automatic events running on our server which allow you to grab even more rewards! Coins, items, Magic Pop Cards - our events are play-to-win friendly designed to make sure they're worth your time! Check out the event schedule below to see when our permanently active events begin. This way, you always know when to take a break from Unique hunting, trading or your mischieveous adventures. We will add more events in the future. Check out our Event section to learn more!

    New Skills & Masteries

    Not only do we have the latest Level 120+ skills waiting to get unleashed upon monsters, we also have custom masteries to make you even more powerful! The purpose of these masteries is to make you even stronger once you've reached the endgame by boosting your base stats such as magical or physical damage or movement speed. But don't worry! To make your path to endgame enjoyable, we've included emojis you can use to let your friends and other players know what you're up to!

    Job Rewards

    Are you tired of endless trades or thief jobs that give no rewards for the time you invested in them? We got your back! Whenever you successfully complete a trade, hunter, or thief job and re-log, you'll receive Coins as a reward, which you can re-invest to become an even more successful player on the silk road!

    Custom Events

    We try to keep you as motivated as possible and the game as fun as possible. To do that, we will regularly implement custom events to bring variety to Silkroad Chillout. Stay tuned and look out for any Discord announcements!

    Daily Quests

    What would an MMO be without daily quests? We don't know either! Our daily quest NPC located in Samarkand will make sure to reward you for your daily efforts. Help him kill all sorts of monsters! From usual monsters around Samarkand to standard uniques or even the most difficult ones: Our daily quest NPC makes sure you can get everything you need without spending a dime!

    Live Ingame Support

    We know how frustrating it is when you run into a problem that you cannot resolve yourself. To tackle that issue, we try to be available to you when you need our help. We always try to maximise our in-game time to ensure you get the help and assistance you need. Stay tuned to learn more about our team!

    Ticket System

    Ran into a problem you cannot resolve yourself? Don't worry! Should you ever face issues that you cannot solve yourself or with the help of another player, you can reach out to us by submitting a ticket. Log into our website and select "Ticket System" to submit your ticket and we will reply as fast as possible. Since we all have full-time job and this is only a project, we count on you to not abuse this ticket system, e.g., by flooding our inbox, spamming or offensive behaviour. If you fail to do so, there will be consequences.

    Unique Spawn Spots

    In for some Unique hunting!? We got your back! Check out the maps below to find some of our chaos spreading unique monsters!

    Battle-Golem Black-Cloud Chill-King-Cow Cyclops Ganiazo-Dow Giant-Overlord Hell-Prison-INT-3-Hang-A Hell-Prison-INT-12-Tai-Sui Hell-Prison-STR-1 Hell-Prison-STR-2 Hell-Prison-STR-3 Khulood Kidemonas Mad-General Manho Mini-Death-Bone Rage-Cloud Senior-General Taishan-Monster Thief-Boss-Kalia

    Server Stats

    PlayerOnline 83 / 3000

    Server Info

    • Cap Level 130
    • Item Degree Degree 1-14
    • Exp-/Skillpoint Rate x90
    • PartyExp Rate x100
    • Drop Rate x30
    • GoldDrop Rate x30
    • Masteries CH/EU 390/260
    • Auto Equipment D1-D10
    • IP-Limit 16
    • Hardware Limit 8

    Server time

    • Servertime: 15:07:23
    • Fortress:
    • FW Register: Every Day
    • CTF:
    • Specialty Goods:
    • Battle Arena:
    • Qin Shi Tomb Event:
    • Gate of Ruler:
    • Job Temple Uniques:
    • Titan Uniques:


    Last 10 Unique Kills

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